The need for health care facilities to manage their controlled substance waste with compliance to DEA regulations has never been greater.  With heightened awareness to the opioid epidemic and drug diversion, properly disposing of controlled substance (CS) waste effectively and safely is critical.  Many health care facilities find CS waste compliance challenging for the following reasons:

  • Health care facilities and hospitals must comply with confusing and complicated regulations regarding controlled substance waste from different agencies
  • Many health care facilities lack the formal internal processes to properly dispose of controlled substance waste to effectively prevent diversion
  • Controlled substance abuse at epidemic proportions in the U.S. puts a high risk of diversion in health care facilities where expired or unused drugs are taken by unauthorized persons
  • Flushing was the most common practice for disposing of controlled substances although leaves opportunity for drug diversion, can harm the environment and no longer meets EPA and DEA regulations

Controlled Substance Waste Compliance Regulations

The most recent regulations enacted by the DEA in 2014 state that controlled substances which are dispersed to administer to patients remain under the control and custody of the DEA registrant, the institution.  This includes unused pharmaceuticals or drug wastage which must be recorded, properly stored, and destroyed meeting DEA regulations and all local, federal, state and tribal regulations and laws.

This final rule was confusing to many hospital and health care facilities and prompted the DEA to send a letter to facilities and practitioners.  This “Dear Practitioner” letter emphasized the importance between pharmaceutical waste and practitioner inventory.

CS Waste Compliance Solutions

Health care facilities and hospitals must meet controlled substance waste compliance to protect their staff, patients, their reputation and the environment.  Health care professionals and pharmacy directors are responsible for ensuring that unused, expired, or leftover drugs are not diverted to anyone other than the patient.  Drug disposal systems such as the Rx Destroyer™ product line provide a solution to preventing drug diversion with CS waste compliance.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. offers pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions with convenient disposal containers and our patented* formula that begins neutralizing medications on contact.  We offer free compliance consultations to qualified customers and provide industry best practice education.  Contact us to learn more about our controlled substance waste compliance solutions.