Educating medical staff in various healthcare facilities and settings is critical for FDA medication disposal compliance.  All too often, healthcare workers are not trained on the proper procedures for disposing of pharmaceuticals and simply throw leftover medications in the trash or are told to flush down a drain.  There are many regulations which govern the disposal of unused drugs, however, and facilities could very well be non-compliant to these regulations without a robust drug disposal program in place.


The most important reasons for compliance to drug disposal regulations are to prevent drug diversion, the usage of controlled substances by people the medication was not prescribed for and contamination of the environment when pharmaceuticals leach into soil and groundwater.  Drug diversion is part of an epidemic in the United States with too many people dying of a drug overdose and costing millions of dollars in economic burden due to treatment and legal proceedings.  Pharmaceuticals in our water supply is another harmful result of improper disposal of pharmaceuticals.


It does not have to be difficult to begin a comprehensive drug disposal system that is compliant to DEA, EPA and FDA regulations.


Rx Destroyer™ Makes Drug Disposal Easy as 1-2-3


Rx Destroyer™ understands the importance of meeting all DEA, EPA and FDA medication disposal guidelines and regulations.  We differ from other pharmaceutical disposal system companies in our commitment to educate and support our customers and distributors.  Our patented formula begins to neutralize medications instantly to render controlled substances non-retrievable, an important part of any robust drug disposal system to prevent drug diversion.


We help you decipher through the many regulations with free compliance consultations and an easy to use drug disposal system.  Simply drop your unused pharmaceuticals in the container, shake and toss in the trash when full.  (*always check with your local, state and tribal regulations as well as specific facility procedures)  Rx Destroyer™ provides a simple solution with quick and easy drug disposal compliance.


Rx Destroyer™ is dedicated to educating our customers and providing simple, compliant drug disposal solutions.  Our customers have come to rely upon our industry insight, education and training in the form of on-site implementation and phone support.  Contact us to learn more about our simple to use, DEA, EPA and FDA medication disposal compliant systems.