Disposing of chemotherapy waste raises a lot of questions even for those experienced in the industry. Questions always arise as to whether chemotherapy waste is considered hazardous waste or medical waste. With chemotherapy agents, there is not just one waste stream. There are chemotherapy agents classified as pharmaceutical waste and also as hazardous waste, in either trace waste or bulk waste. 

Choosing the right drug disposal method, containment transportation for chemotherapy or anti-neoplastic agents can be confusing. The waste generator must understand the terminology and how to segregate between trace chemotherapy waste and bulk chemotherapy waste which falls under RCRA hazardous waste definitions.  Disposing of chemotherapy waste must meet all local, state and federal regulations including the Federal resource conservation and recovery act (RCRA) which classifies chemotherapy drugs listed as hazardous waste pharmaceuticals (HWP) 

When a chemotherapy drug is classified as a hazardous waste pharmaceutical under the RCRA, it must be managed as hazardous waste instead of medical waste. There are many chemotherapy agents that have not been classified as hazardous waste under the RCRA although many states require chemotherapy agents to be handled as HWP. 

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. Offers Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Solutions

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in pharmaceutical waste disposal, offering convenient, quality products combined with exceptional customer support. Our drug disposal containers are available in a wide range of sizes to meet any facility needs.  The patented* solution begins to instantly neutralize medications which meets DEA and EPA compliance for pharmaceutical waste disposal.  Instantly neutralizing medications with safe and easy to use products prevents drug diversion and environmental contamination. Our containers can simply be tossed into the trash in many instances or we can help locate a waste hauler to meet your needs.

C2R Global Manufacturing, Inc. pharmaceutical waste disposal products are safe, easy and affordable to use and never require contracts. We offer industry best practices, on-site training for quick and easy implementation and DEA compliance consultations to help our clients get compliant and stay compliant. Contact us to learn more about our pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions for chemotherapy agents classified as pharmaceutical waste and many other types of medications.