About Rx Destroyer™

C2R Global Manufacturing of Burlington, Wisconsin is the exclusive manufacturer and formula patent holder of Rx Destroyer™ brand of products.


Our fundamental goal is simple yet profound:




Rx Destroyer’s™ formula was developed by working closely with like minded professionals in the hospital, nursing and pharmaceutical community with an ultimate goal of eliminating drug abuse, drug diversion and contamination of our water supply. With the support of federal and state regulations we have backing to help our water, our neighbors and ourselves one prescription at a time.

So, what’s NEW you ask? Besides having the industries fastest filling bottles we’ve introduced other market firsts:

  • Liquids™: Formulated specially for non-hazardous liquids such as IV and syringe medications.
  • Site Gauge: Translucent bottle provides and easy means to monitor levels.
  • Tethered Cap: Hospital and surgery centers asked for something easy to manage so we introduced a custom designed tether. Never lose a closure again!

Leading Through Innovation…

The base formula functions like the human stomach while our additional additives allow for a better end user experience quickly dissolving and rendering drugs irretrievable faster and safer than anyone in the market. In addition to having the most affordable, fastest acting and safest formula on the market we invest significantly in our dispensing systems. You may have already recognized the Rx Destroyer™ group of products by the industry’s first pressure self-regulating Child Resistant (CR) “RED” cap.

Why Choose Rx Destroyer™?

Simply, we care. We care about the environment, community and our customers and make every effort to achieve excellence in product manufacture and customer service each and every day. We won’t stop…we can’t stop because society needs Rx Destroyer™. Your purchase fuels investment in new solutions, new innovations and awareness through marketing and advertising that we must take a stand for our future.


Fast dissolving solutions, affordable pricing and easy to load products ensures Rx Destroyer™ to be the most viable and safest for commercial, industrial or home environments. We take a great deal of pride and work relentlessly to continuously improve Rx Destroyer™ products ensuring there’s nothing better, safer or easier to use. It is our sincere hope that if you don’t use Rx Destroyer™ brands for drug disposal, you take responsible steps to minimize pollution of our soil and water and stop drug diversion and inappropriate use.

We are constantly developing and exploring new solutions. If our products don’t meet your needs please reach out to our customer service toll free (888) 608-5160 or cs@rxdestroyer.com. Your feedback is always welcome.

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